"Wave" - Pendant, 2022. Wood, eggshell, gold leaf, lacquer, cord.   Photo: M. Asai


One morning, the sunlight from the surface of the canal running through the very front of my window came through and created a figure on the wall in my room. The light figure was waving as the water moves looking like a flapping thin veil making its identity unclear. Was it water or a veil?

Water changes substance in its natural cycle like clouds or rain, keeps changing and there is no completion. The wriggling surface of the water is a shape of ambiguity and a shape of metamorphosis. When it is combined with the other phenomenons and imagination, it transforms into a new shape. The surface of the light, or the flapping light which is like a veil and like the surface of the water, is waving ambiguously on my wall.

Metamorphosis - Video, 2022