"Memory I" - Necklace, 2022. Wood, wooden objects, plastic, rubber, lacquer.   Photo: C.Z.


The older we get, the more we are nurtured by the memories we carry within us. Memories can be embodied in a movement, a sound, an odor; or in objects connected to certain moments in our lives.
Vital memories arouse when we enter the house of our childhood, when we touch the things and objects that take us back in time. It's the magic of the objects, no matter how dusty, broken or worthless they are, that preserve our deepest feelings.

In today's rapidly growing digital sphere, objects are about to disappear behind a "virtual wall". Looking back at Sigmund Freud's "transitional objects", we should strive to ensure that the world around us does not disappear.

MEMORIES - Video, 2022