"Keine Angst" - Beer mug, 2021. Ceramic, silver, carnelian, cubic zirconia.   Photo: K. Fritsch


There is no "Reinheitsgebot" in place here in New Zealand. The Bavarian Reinheitsgebot law from 1516 emphasises that the only ingrediants used for brewing beer must be Barley, Hops and Water. Homebrews are very popular here in New Zealand and the last brews I put down with some friends was a Plumsourbeer, a Raspberrysourbeer and a Hazy Indian Pale Ale.

And there is a lot more stuff in those beers than the Bavarian law mentions. The "hazy" was actually drinkable. I will definitely miss going to Schmuck in Munich; and I will miss catching up on good old basic Bavarian beer shared with friends.
Here in Aotearoa it is till fun to brew experimental beer and the idea to make some "Stein" as they call the Bierkrug (beer mug) here, emerged during one of those brewing sessions.
The classic lid doesn't only help keep your beer sheltered from airborne particles, but also offers a great playground for applying personality. They are like a trophy and I really like rings!


"Angst" - Ring, 2021. Gold, diamond imitation. Courtesy Fingers gallery.   Photo: K. Fritsch