"Temporal Resonance #17" - Necklace/Pendant, 2022. Brass, found objects, patina.  Photo: J. Stein


My work explores the concepts of control, chance, and failure through the subtle and subversive manipulation of found objects and materials and the use of casting, brazing, and fusing techniques. I enjoy the process of deconstructing a found object into its constituent parts and manipulating the structure and form to subvert its original aesthetics and function.

My intent is to create juxtapositions and states of conflict and interplay between disparate elements such as order and chaos, the industrial versus organic, and the talisman and the relic. This chaotic and intense process of alchemy and creation gives birth to new forms and ways of thinking about beauty and adornment, sustainability, the reuse of objects and materials, and my own creative studio process. The result is finished works that speak to my visual and conceptional framework of control, hidden systems and structures, manipulation, and transformation.

A Metamorphosis - Video, 2022