"Abrazando el Miedo" - Hand object, 2021. Resin, human hair, silver.  Photo: D. Ramos


'Abrazando el miedo' is a piece about acknowledging fear as a protection mechanism. It gathers shaven beard hair I have collected for over two years of when I get into drag. An offer in order to invoke it. This primal instinct that tends to clenches our hands and body, paralyzing us has the same power to push us, to thrive. The piece forces us to open our left fist, to reach out, and make a first contact with it, allowing us to navigate fear and embark in a journey of physical, mental and emotional transformation.

The project takes on Drag transformation as a center point to explore the concept of metamorphosis. A constant state of becoming were objects, tools, make-up, and clothes take agency over the body and catalyze its transfiguration. In the video, I address the existing parallel between the physical changes and the emotional journey that one goes through in the process; shorter and faster body changes that feed into a slower and prolonged internal growth, and vice versa.
The process is dissected into three stages: (to) UN-MAKE, (to) MAKE-UP and (to) RE-MAKE (oneself), that correspond to the preparation, the transformation in itself, and the re-birth into a new "old self", ready to start all over again.

Becoming Oneself - Video, 2022