OBSESSION - Video, 2021

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Working with minuscule seed beads forces a weaver to be methodical and attentive, as a small mistake on a large piece can turn into a serious complication. This technique is extremely time consuming, and necessitates the creation of a meditative state of mind. When I begin a new project and start to look at and deal with this peculiar quality of bead-weaving, I find that the practice is also the message. The values I stick with and uphold in my practice are those of labor through intense artisanal skill, the quality of the work, and the enduring nature of a piece of jewelry.

I have been fascinated by pre-Colombian art since a young age, and I have unconsciously tried to emulate the geometrical fluidity found in some Aztec inscriptions. I also have a taste for minimal art and in particular the design elements of eminent artists from the Bauhaus movement, along with the daring color combinations typical of pop art. All these inputs are combined and infused in my aesthetics and studio practice.

"Vintage Replay N.5" - Embroidery, bead weaving, 2021. Repurposed leather from baseballs, sequins, glass beads, metallic Japanese seed beads, jasper stones, nylon thread, stuffing   Photo: M. Colecchia