GLORIA MUNDI - Video, 2014/21

Watch Christoph Ziegler's interview on Youtube.


"Gloria Mundi" explores the practical relationship between the human body and objects. The video is part of my Moebling project which features public performances, ephemeral sculptures and improvisational theater staged with everyday objects.

"Moebling” is an English adaptation of the German word Moebel meaning "furniture.” Moebling focuses on the physical and psychological effects of our home environment on the way we move and act. With ironic references to the wellness movement and the self-optimization culture, my Moebling performances attempt to unveil - often unconscious - rituals that take place in private living spaces.

With the COVID-19 crisis, the private living space has become the very epicenter of our lives. Forced to stay at home, we use our private microcosms in multiple ways: as home office, workout space, kindergarten, workshop, living room - all at the same time. My commandment is as simple as this: Turn your sofa, your table, your chairs, carpets, or vacuum cleaner into Moebling tools!

"Louloudia" - Necklace, 2019. Colored plastic objects and plastic beads. Melting technique.   Photo: Chr. Ziegler