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...Rites, mysteries, secrets, unveiling, beginning, truth, entering a new world or situation - a different level of perception.

It also means you take somebody who is "blind to gnosis" and open his/her eyes to other ways of seeing.

What all participants of the group show "Initiation" have in common is: they introduce visitors to different possibilities in jewellery art. Through using disregarded or unusual material. Through finding inspiration and even resources in archaic poetry or ancient religions. Through opting for the incomplete work of art instead of the perfect wearable object. Through "seamless moving" from one art discipline to another: from sculpture to jewellery, from jewellery to poetry, from performance to sculpture.

The very essence of jewellery techniques is transformation. To become aware of transformation, you have to go through an initiation.
At the very beginning of jewellery you find magic. It helped humans to gain control over their destiny. Magic is a progressive idea, for it proves that man dares to take action, to oppose gods and their wills, to do it "his way".

Jewellery is not just an object of a show; it has to be worn; it has to move in space; it has to make sense; it has to inspire; it has to connect. The history of jewellery can be also read as a chain of successive metamorphosis: a talisman, a gift, a souvenir, a symbol of power, a commitment, a token for eternity, a healing object, a link to the universe — this is what jewellery might be or become; and much more than that.

The Tarot Moebling performance by Christoph Ziegler and Loukia Richards on March 9, 20 - 21.30 h illustrates the transformative power of jewellery:
the ephemeral becomes eternity
the alchemist’s experiment becomes a token of currency
the current financial crisis becomes the blessing of rethinking the rules.